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Trey is six years old, and he is fairly certain he knows everything. His confidence is contagious, and his high level of energy makes him an exciting friend. Pancakes are his favorite food. He would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if his parents would only let him. Riding his bike is his favorite thing to do. He also has tons of fun with his best friends, Chelsea and Andrew. Trey loves his family, including his pets, with all his heart. He always tries to make his family proud of him, but trouble often has a way of finding Trey Jones.

Trey Jordan Jones

Chelsea Penelope Martinez

Chelsea always says, “I’m the best dancer in the whole world.” She’s also Trey’s clumsy girlfriend, not GIRLFRIEND, but GIRL and FRIEND. Once, Trey, Andrew, and their families went to Chelsea’s dance recital. She was so uncoordinated that she made the other dancers crash to the floor during the chorus line. It was embarrassing for everyone except Chelsea. She jumped to her feet and started dancing like it never happened. Later, she told Trey and Andrew that making the other dancers fall was her way of finally getting to dance solo. She thought she was a genius for planning that. It finally proved to Trey and Andrew that Chelsea knows she isn’t a great dancer. But, they respect her for never quitting.

Andrew Bingham Higglebottom

Andrew is funny. No, he’s hilarious. And he’s Trey’s other best friend. Andrew’s name alone will make you laugh out loud. Say it: “Andrew Bingham Higglebottom.” Didn’t you laugh? Andrew even laughs about it. He can imitate almost any voice, and he loves to make funny sounds with his body parts. Have you ever seen someone cup his hands together to oink like a pig or flap his arms to his side to make farting sounds? Andrew can do that—and more. A lot of times, he gets in trouble at school. He doesn’t mean to, but he can’t help making his classmates laugh when they’re supposed to be quietly doing their work. Andrew believes silence is evil, and he thinks it’s his job to destroy silence by doing something silly. Spending time with Andrew always makes Trey’s face hurt from laughing so hard. They will always be best friends.

Timothy Alexander Jones

Trey’s daddy is a firefighter and a hero. Once, he saved a baby from a burning house and was featured on the evening news. Trey made sure to let everybody know about it because he was so proud to be a hero’s son. When Trey’s daddy isn’t working, you can usually find him starting fires on his grill in their backyard. Nobody in the world can cook burgers better than Timothy Jones. He’s also obsessed with keeping the lawn green and perfectly trimmed. Trey is convinced that the grill and the lawnmower are his father’s best friends. They’re inseparable. He even dances to his old-timey music when he uses them. The neighbors laugh at him. It embarrasses Trey, but he loves his daddy no matter how funny he looks dancing while he cuts the grass or cooks on his grill.

Regina Renee Jones

Trey’s mommy always has a million things to do. She looks like the bunny on those battery commercials. She keeps going and going and going. No matter what she’s doing, she’s always happy about it. Nobody can question how much she loves her family because she’s always talking about them. Everybody loves Regina’s bubbly personality. She calls people Honey, Sweetie, and Sugar Plum. Sometimes, it makes Trey laugh, especially when the name doesn’t fit. Once, she called their neighbor Twinkle Toes. He was a retired sumo wrestler and weighed over 300 pounds. Although he looked embarrassed, Trey’s mommy just kept right on talking. It’s her favorite thing to do. Even when people stop listening, she keeps talking.

Eric Timothy Jones

Trey’s big brother is the superhero in their family. There isn’t a sport he can’t play. His room is filled with trophies and ribbons he got from winning games. He’s the best big brother in the world! Even when Trey messes up his big brother’s room or breaks something of his, Eric never yells at him. (Well, except that one time when Trey’s baseball cracked the windshield on Eric’s new used car. But that was the only time. EVER! And Trey has done a lot of bad stuff.) Trey wants to be just like his big brother when he grows up. Nice, strong, and good at sports.

Trey calls his big sister Yoyo because he couldn’t say her name when he was a baby. She loves to talk on the phone and go shopping for clothes at the mall. If she could live there with her girlfriends, she probably would. It drives Trey crazy when his sister’s friends visit because they like to hug him and kiss his face. Trey acts like he doesn’t like it, but he does. When Trey goes in Yoyo’s room to see what they’re doing, she always says, “Get out before I squash you like a bug.” Other than that, she’s pretty cool. When she makes money babysitting, she always buys Trey something. It’s usually stupid clothes and never the video games he wants.

Yolanda Marie Jones


Trey’s cat, Snowball, is fat. The family put her on a diet, but she keeps getting bigger and bigger. Nobody could understand why until Trey saw Snowball when he got off the school bus one day. She was going to each neighbor’s house collecting snacks. When Trey confronted her, she had a sardine in her mouth and tried to run. She didn’t get far because she was too fat. But she made sure to swallow the sardine before Trey caught her. Trey loves Snowball, but she’s sneaky. When you’re eating, you always have to watch out for her because she’ll steal your food when you’re not looking.


Trey’s dog is his bodyguard. They always have fun together. Midnight barks at anybody who takes Trey away from him, especially Chelsea, Andrew, and Trey’s school bus. Every night after dinner, Trey takes Midnight for a walk. Midnight thinks he’s a boy like Trey, so he tries to talk, but all he does is bark and disturb the neighbors. When they complain, it makes him bark even more. Midnight chases his tail whenever they listen to music. It’s his way of dancing, and it makes everybody laugh.

Mrs. Perkins

Trey’s first-grade teacher is Mrs. Perkins. She’s not much fun and doesn’t laugh a lot, but she teaches her students a lot of new things. Even know-it-all Trey Jones learns something new every day from Mrs. Perkins. She wants the best for her students and expects the best from them, too. If not, she’ll write you a pass to the principal’s office and not let you return to her classroom until you learn to behave yourself. Trey used to think she was mean; now he knows she’s just a spunky lady who likes to be in charge.

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